I want to thank copy editor Kevin Pearson, the staff of The Public Muse and The Sentinel for the extraordinary work, care and attention they rendered in publishing my narrative poem “Asinus The Little Easter Donkey.”

I very much appreciate the extraordinary efforts everyone gave in running my “story.” A special “thank you” goes to Kevin Pearson for catching a “typographical error” of mine 24 hours before a chapter went to print.

For me, The Sentinel’s good deeds date back to 2017, with my “An Advent Wreath” holiday story, which Paul Miller coordinated for the 24 days leading up to Christmas. Likewise, this kindness extended after that with my four-part holiday poem “Abijah And The Holy Family,” which Stephen Gilbert organized, printing its individual chapters each week during December 2019.

In addition, The Public Muse has been extraordinarily generous in running several other works of mine over the past years. Equally, I am extremely thankful for the Sentinel readers who have recently contacted me with their positive feedback regarding “Asinus The Little Easter Donkey.” For all these, I am well pleased. I am truly grateful.

To The Sentinel, along with its readers, I wish you all a happy holiday.