We would like to thank everyone who supported us in many ways while we recovered from COVID-19. We always knew Keene was a wonderful community and the past six weeks showed us how wonderful and caring it really is.

Thank you to our amazing sons and daughter-in-law. You really came through for us in our time of need.

Thank you to all the medical personnel who interacted with us for being caring, compassionate and professional. We didn’t feel that we were COVID patients; just patients. This includes the city of Keene ambulance crews for their multiple trips to our home, Diluzio ambulance crew for our return trip home, the staff at Cheshire Medical Center in the ER, X-ray, hospital third floor, COVID staff and our primary care doctor. You all should be proud of the great work you do.

To Holly’s clients, a big thank you for your patience, concern, understanding and flexibility.

To Westside Animal Hospital, thank you for making sure our pets had the food they needed.

Thank you to our community of family, friends, neighbors, past and current coworkers. We won’t list you all for fear of missing someone, as you all were important to us. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did for us. For all the groceries picked up, the home cooked meals, the beautiful flowers, the many cards and the daily check-ins. For the gift of the Christmas tree so we would have a little holiday in our home. To the crew of neighbors who took care of our snow removal after the massive storm, a huge thank you for tackling that big job. You all know how it pained Gary to not be able to do it himself.

Most of all, thank you all for the love and support we felt from everyone. We appreciated everyone taking time out of your busy holidays to be there for us. Even if we didn’t reach out to you for help, please know that your offers meant the world to us and it gave us peace and comfort to know we could reach out to any of you for help if needed.

We are truly blessed to have this great community of Keene here for us. Thank you all so very much.


47 Rockwood Road, Keene

(Gary Lamoureux is a former city councilor and retired Keene fire chief)