On Jan. 6, 2021, American democracy was attacked by a mob trying to stop the counting of the electoral college votes for the 2020 election for president and vice president of the United States. Is it possible to understand how disastrous this event was to our nation?

This was not a group of tourists; they were on a mission so their man, former President Donald John Trump, could remain in office. If not an attempted coup, what is?

Our sitting president would not admit defeat under any circumstances. His false accusations of voter fraud are the “big lie,” and it appears more important than his oath to defend the Constitution. One of the persons who spoke at the rally was John Eastman. He wrote the plan for former Vice President Mike Pence to delete electoral votes of several swing states from the count to allow Trump to be re-elected.

The U.S. Constitution (Amendment 12) is very specific on what procedures to follow during the count of electoral votes and declare a winner. There is no vagueness in what is required.

New reports indicate Pence was considering the plan until he was convinced by Dan Quayle not to. Then the former president encouraged his supporters “to follow him to the Capital” and “fight like hell” to stop the count.

The mob tried to find Vice President Pence and senior Democratic Party leaders but failed. We were lucky Secret Service, D.C. and Capitol Police stood up for our nation when it counted.