Regarding the article “Keene testing site doesn’t draw a crowd” (The Sentinel, May 9/10): The reason that site did not draw a crowd is that there was a poor job promoting it!

The only way I found out about it through a small write up in The Sentinel. The announcement of such an endeavor and so serious a situation was pathetic.

On top of having to give away my first born to get on the list for testing, the phone bank to get on that list was jammed and very slow to respond. I had to go through the state calling bank, back to my primary care to answer a list of questions; then and if my case was considered serious enough, I got a call back from the state with a time to attend for testing.

Mind you, results took more than 48 hours to get.

I think this country needs to get on board with a serious testing plan that will be promoted effectively and processed efficiently. For all the boasting we as a country do about having the best of everything, given how we have handled this virus from top to bottom, local and federal, we are far behind the efficiencies and practice of the rest of the world.


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