Pity the poor elephant in the room. Can’t make a move without upsetting something. Like Pinocchio’s nose, his troubles keep getting bigger.

I’m thinking of one particular elephant. One who is afraid of a little tiny mouse. That a mouse like this should frighten a great beast, is surely conjecture.

Of course the little thing is the tax returns, which many have been curious about. If you have nothing to hide, then why bother?

Of course maybe those returns would show some dodgy deals in casinos and hotels, where bed sheets weren’t the only thing being laundered. Maybe those records would show that the denier of climate change isn’t as rich as Poseidon. Maybe he’s got some unsavory creditors who benefit from the elephants’ great powers of motivation.

We could talk about the bull in the china shop; another pachyderm metaphor known as emoluments. Let me tell you mister, those are not ingredients in a lotion for your wrinkly skin there, no siree bub.

Those emoluments are profits made in your name by your companies while you hold the most influential position, as elephant in the room.

Of course the climate is getting warmer, sea levels rising; that might harm some actual elephants, and thousands of other species, including human beings. Aren’t you one of those, too?

Now what are you gonna do about it? When the world is clamoring at your feet and begging for compassionate relief, will you stomp and storm and destroy the House in a campaign to retain your bully pulpit?

Rhino forcing lies! Did you forget the wheelbarrows of cash and boatloads of refugees being refused entry to freedom-loving countries, by terrified democracies a mere 75 years hence? World leaders abdicating and withdrawing from the greater social society.

Let’s hope that the younger generations will forgive our inaction and paralysis in face of these troubling times. When the leader of the free world eschews our allies and consorts with autocrats and dictators, and encourages them, while stifling and reneging on longstanding alliances, an unpleasant atmosphere arises. Thank God many corporations and world leaders have sense to see through the chicanery of the Trump White House, and private citizens are stepping up with solutions to the problems the elephants have been unabashedly been ignoring.

Repair the bike paths on Court and West streets and Maple Avenue! It’s been 20 years.


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