Hi Everyone,

My name is Joseph W. Paolilli Jr. and I am running for selectman in the town of Swanzey.

We have been here in Swanzey going on 17 years. We moved here with the desire keep New Hampshire, New Hampshire. Yet what we are seeing is folks wanting to build an empire on the backs of the taxpayers.

The prime example of that is the Fire Department. The first “full-time” fire chief was hired to be the fire chief/fire inspector. Next, we end up having a “full-time” fire inspector as well. When the previous “part-time” fire inspector was asked, How many hours per week he performed that job? He told me that it was about 20 hours a week. So what was once a job that was only 80 hours a month is being done at the cost of 160 hours a month. Being that is now a full-time job, you just know that would require vacation time, sick time, health insurance and pension.

So the question is now. Why are the current members of the board of selectmen voting to approve these expenses on the taxpayers? Many, and I am one of them, people are on “fixed incomes.” It appears that the incumbent has no problem spending the taxpayers’ money to facilitate this empire.

As I do more research I will bring it to your attention. I am presently looking at why the Fire Department has a rescue boat when in all reality, based on response time, that is most likely a recovery boat. So here we are duplicating the duty of the New Hampshire conservation officers who are the search rescue and yes, recovery.

We need to cut costs in this town and that is why I am running.

Thank you,