Once upon a time, New Hampshire had numerous thriving businesses. For various reasons, many have left or made the difficult decision to close.

More recently, New Hampshire faces legislation that not only aims to make it more difficult for residents to vote but also, along with many other states (Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas) claims election fraud. Such laws would, in effect, suppress your vote and mine.

Gov. Sununu recently called New Hampshire “the gold standard” for its electoral process. If that’s true, why tamper with it? Some of these proposed bills would create burdens for absentee voters — those who winter elsewhere; students enrolled in out-of-state schools; younger voters; older voters; voters of color; and voters with disabilities.

Our state’s business community should be worried. Making voting difficult won’t attract entrepreneurs, new graduates, young adults or retirees to the Granite State, and the effects on employment, our economy, housing, etc., will be widespread and detrimental.

Moreover, why would students choose to attend college in a state that creates hurdles for voters? Where will businesses find employees? Lacking qualified job seekers, why would they open in New Hampshire?

Business owners, please contact your state legislators and the governor about your concerns. Join other New Hampshire businesses by signing “A Healthy Business Democracy is Good Business” — a statement of principles you can find at OpenDemocracyNH.org/goodbusiness.