I have been reading House Bill 292. It looks like some New Hampshire legislators have joined the voter suppression people like those in Georgia and Arizona. It also looks like a war on the elderly. I am 80 years old and I am very likely to need an absentee ballot. Many of my friends are older than I am. Many cannot drive.

This bill requires that we need to go to the town clerk and show a photo ID that meets the requirements of RSA:13,IIa prior to election day, or the voter voluntarily shows the clerk a notarized signature on his or her completed absentee ballot application form.

How can the elderly get a notarized signature on a form?

I know that the N.H. Legislature (mainly Republicans) say that voter fraud is rampant. That has been tested and is not true. In New Hampshire, we have a very fair and free voter system, much better than many other states. We do not need HB 292.