Does this sound right? Fair to all voters? In 2020, the votes for New Hampshire legislators were split about 50/50, but one party got almost 60 percent of the seats, and in the Executive Council, almost 80 percent. Why? The districts have been drawn to dilute the votes of one party — and they do!

For each of us to have an equal vote, we need to have to have fair and nonpartisan redistricting. In fact, the N.H. Legislature agreed, twice — and passed two bipartisan bills to that end in the past two years ... both vetoed by our governor.

How was it done the last time they were drawn in 2011? We don’t know. A small group of legislators, out of the sight of the public, using a still unknown software package drew them to their liking. There is one Executive Council district that looks like a skimpy bikini piece across the state ... nothing to tie the interests of voters together from the east and west side and difficult for the elected official to represent them.

We need an independent redistricting commission, similar to that adopted by several other states, to avoid this sort of gerrymandering. And, we can save the taxpayers the costly fees that were incurred the last two times in taking the process to the courts.

This year, over 100 towns have put a resolution on their ballots in support of legislation that supports fair redistricting. The district maps are redrawn only every 10 years, so it’s important that we take the right course now.

Please vote for the N.H. Resolution for Fair Nonpartisan Redistricting in your town and call your legislators to ask that our redistricting process be fair, nonpartisan and transparent. In Rindge, Vote Yes for warrant article 20. Protect your future votes.