Who is Gov. Sununu protecting with his vetoes of three commonsense bills passed by our Legislature, designed to promote gun safety in New Hampshire?

Surely, law-abiding gun owners have no reason to be concerned that these well-crafted gun-safety bills would do anything to impinge on their right to bear arms and protect themselves and their property.

However, each of these bills could help reduce the incidence of gun tragedies through accidents, suicides and crimes involving guns. Adopting these measures could also go a long way toward making the state’s general public, including many of us who do not choose to own guns, feel safer in our state, and proud that New Hampshire is among those states addressing the national epidemic of gun violence.

I believe that Gov. Sununu is really protecting himself by vetoing these bills. They allow him to retain his “A” rating with the NRA and continue to align himself with hardliners on gun issues. He bills himself as a moderate Republican, but these vetoes are just one part of a vast record of vetoes on many issues that prove that Sununu is no moderate. In 2020, I intend to support a candidate for governor who supports the hard work of our Legislature and the more moderate and reasonable views of many of us living in New Hampshire.


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