Chris Sununu supported Trump’s election back in October 2016, even after the “Access Hollywood” recording surfaced, which convinced then-Sen. Kelly Ayotte (and many other Republicans) to stop backing Trump.

Sununu stuck with Trump even after Trump: (1) Trashed New Hampshire’s voting system; (2) Weakened environmental regulations; (3) Intensified the fight to ban abortion; (4) Contorted the response to the COVID-19 pandemic; (5) Denounced Black Lives Matter; (6) Fought to undermine our constitutional democracy; and (7) Flooded our state and nation with lies promoting confusion, divisiveness, chaos and cruelty.

Trump has been awful for New Hampshire, as these few examples make plain. Trump has also dissed Sununu policies. And yet, for some reason, Sununu continues to stand by Trump, endorsed Trump for re-election, and campaigned for Trump-endorsed candidates Corky Messner and Matt Mowers (both lost). Sununu “never hesitated to say he was supporting Trump in 2020” writes conservative commentator Michael Graham. (The Dispatch, Dec. 7).

Which brings us to Jan. 7, when Sununu will give his third inaugural address. If Sununu is wise, he will apologize in his address to the people of New Hampshire for all the damage he has done supporting Trump these past four years — and all the damage Trump might yet do.

Trump cares only about himself. A wiser Sununu would have understood that back in 2016.


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