With Earth’s future in crisis, nothing is more important than halting the warming of our planet. Yet Gov. Sununu, indifferent to scientific certainty, continues wearing blinders.

Climate change is caused by human activity, primarily the burning of fossil fuels. Yet our governor refuses to acknowledge the fact, let alone take steps to reverse the trend. Surely, he sees the melting of polar ice and glaciers that result in rising seas. Surely, he is aware of the devastating fires that have swept tinder-dry Western states.

In New Hampshire, UNH scientists predict maple sugaring can virtually disappear by the end of the century; warmer, shorter winters already make sugaring less predictable. Increased temperature fluctuations result in more frequent damage to crops, including hay fields. Increased extreme rain events introduce even more uncertainty into crop production of any kind. And our beautiful, historic seacoast is in jeopardy.

Yet Sununu supports President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate accord. He has not joined United States Climate Alliance, a bipartisan coalition of states and territories that pledge to uphold the objectives of that Paris agreement within their own borders. He vetoes bipartisan bills that support clean energy and energy-efficiency programs. New Hampshire is the only state in the entire Northeast now standing with Trump, who is in total denial on climate change.

It is time to retire Chris Sununu from the corner office and replace him with a governor who reads the facts and acts appropriately.


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