As I was chatting with an acquaintance at the local post office recently, a look of deep worry crossed her face and she said to me, “I hope it’s not too late.” I remarked that I wasn’t sure what she, a lifelong New Hampshire resident in her early 80s, was referring to.

She looked directly at me, and said “Climate change. We need action, and it’s not happening. Is it too late?”

This was not an environmental activist speaking. She’s a citizen who votes, but does not attend rallies for political causes. She’s a devoted volunteer in her church and in her community, a grandmother and great-grandmother. But she now has come to realize the gravity of what her grandchildren face, and she’s looking around for someone in government to understand and take the action needed.

Our governor, Chris Sununu, has failed so many times to take the action needed. He supported President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord and he refused to join a bipartisan coalition of governors pledging to meet concrete climate controls. He vetoed bipartisan bills in both 2018 and 2019 that would have allowed larger solar arrays to participate in net metering, as well as allowing towns to lower taxes by controlling energy costs using clean energy.

So many of his actions as governor are those of a climate change denier, not the moderate he wants New Hampshire to think he is. Gov. Sununu is not the leader we need to face the climate crisis.


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