Gov. Chris Sununu should support maximum commitment to net metering, instead of throwing up roadblocks to it. That would be good environmental policy, good for the economy, and great for New Hampshire. Kudos to Sen. Jay Kahn for helping to lead the effort.

The complaint is that not everyone has solar panels. If our federal government (which Sununu supports) were leading the world, as it should be, we would be stimulating the growth of American-manufactured sustainable-energy products, like solar panels. This would reduce their cost and increase their accessibility. Instead, however, the Trumps and Sununus are dragging us backward environmentally, causing us to fall behind most other industrialized nations in this critical sector.

Also, it is shameful that New Hampshire is the only New England state that is not supporting California’s enhanced auto emission standards; undoubtedly because Sununu is wedded to Trump rather than to progressive economic and environmental policy.

Where are the vocal, daily protests from the governor about our abandonment of the Paris accords, and calls for the U.S. to rejoin? We need an active, forward-looking governor, not one, like Sununu, who will kowtow to a pouting and divisive supporter of the coal and oil companies, like Trump.

Very truly yours,


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