We New Hampshirites need to be actively concerned about our races for state government just as much as the presidential race.

Our governor, until just recently, was doing a good job fighting the COVID-19 virus. And most of us followed his guidance about masks, staying at home as much as possible, strategic distancing, and washing our hands often, especially when coming home from public places. Consequently, we are fending better than many other states. But … we must not let our guard down for a minute — not until a vaccine is available for all.

A bit concerning, though, is watching Sununu of late be a bit lax, with much less guidance for business openings and school starts. So we are seeing numbers a bit higher and have begun being lax ourselves.

Unfortunately, there are many other areas in which Sununu’s actions are very concerning. He has vetoed so many bipartisan bills that would have helped many of us. These were in reproductive health-care access; renewable energy; higher wages for working families; paid family and medical leave; worker protections for state employees; housing protections for renters and homeowners; and independent redistricting for starters.

And these weren’t the first round of vetoes. It’s clear, he simply isn’t going to help us with these problems.

So — I’m very strongly urging, not suggesting, that we must have a change in the governor’s office. All I’ve read about Dan Feltes is very favorable and his positions on all our problems says he will put New Hampshire workers and families first. What a wonderful concept.

Because of the pandemic, most of us are in tenuous situations and could use help from our elected officials. We don’t need any more nos to our requests, we need yeses. So let’s vote Dan Feltes.

And, while we’re at it, let’s support our current Sen. Shaheen and Congresswoman Kuster, who always have our backs. Washington would love to replace them and are trying hard to do so, because they are strong leaders for the people. But, we cannot let that happen.

Let these words sink in. Then you’ll realize how important these folks are to our everyday lives.


16 Long Hill Estates