Gov. Sununu deserves an “F” for his handling of school reopening during this pandemic.

He is exploiting the pandemic to undermine public education in favor of private and religious schools. New Hampshire public schools desperately need financial support for safety measures in this time of COVID-19 in order to open safely. Instead, the governor is funneling money from the federally funded CARES Act away from public schools, in direct violation of the intended use of CARES money.

Other states, even some with Republican governors, have allocated CARES money only to be used for public education, making Governor Sununu and N.H. Education Secretary Frank Edelblut’s among the most extreme in their adherence to U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ anti-public school agenda.

In addition, Gov. Sununu has failed to provide clear guidelines to our schools about such crucial matters as safe social distancing, mandating the wearing of masks, and the clear possibility of coronavirus spread from children to adults.

As a public school teacher, parent, and graduate, I believe in public education and want New Hampshire to support and improve our public schools so that all New Hampshire families have the same opportunity that my family did. I wish that Gov. Sununu was a moderate and shared these values, rather than being on the extreme right on education.



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