Now that summer is here, I have a suggestion for a new revenue source for the city of Keene.

The city should set up grandstands alongside the Routes 9-10-12 bypass, between the T-intersection at Route 101 and the West Street exit, and charge admission to view the nightly drag and motorcycle races. Admission would cost more, of course, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, when the action is most intense.

Since neither the Keene Police Department nor the N.H. State Police have ever bothered to set up radar or other surveillance to enforce the speed limit on this stretch of highway, for at least the last several years, the spectators would not have to worry about their night’s entertainment being ruined by one of the racers actually being pulled over and issued a speeding citation.

It’s a win-win for the city. The speeders get to show off, the crowd gets entertained, and Keene raises some much-needed revenue. And the police will be nowhere in the vicinity. They can happily go on ignoring the constant, and flagrant, reckless driving on this part of the bypass.