The recent headlines of government officials blocking the right for reproductive choice is finally rearing its ugly head in New Hampshire.

A handful of legislators have introduced four abortion bans that threaten reproductive healthcare access beyond anything our state has seen before, each of them a layer of red tape on a person’s ability to control their own autonomy. These bills are titled HB 1475, HB 1678, HB 1675, and HB 1640.

They’re all heinous, but House Bill 1475 is particularly extremist. It proposes a ban on abortions past six weeks, before most people even know they’re pregnant. Across the country in 2019, several state legislatures passed similar bills — none have gone into effect because they are unconstitutional.

Abortion is one of the most personal and multifaceted decisions a person can have to make. There is a lot that may factor into this decision — but government regulation shouldn’t even be a part of the question.

These extreme attacks on reproductive rights are unacceptable. We must do everything we can to stop them. Look into these bills and see if any of your representatives are supporting them.

If they are, you know what to do: Call, write, strike, and get ready to vote them out. Together, we must raise our voices and make loud and clear that we will not support politicians who work to take away our rights.

Then, in November, we will head to the ballot and vote for those who will protect and champion our rights, including the right to safe, legal abortion.


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