This month, I suddenly started receiving daily emails from the White House. They go by various names — 1600 Daily, Resolute Reads, West Wing Reads. Each one includes a current GOP talking point with a link to read more from a far-right news source such as Fox News, Breitbart or the Washington Examiner.

A few have links to editorials written by GOP legislators in mainstream media. Misinformation, political bias and framing of legitimate publishers as “fake news” are pervasive in the emails. They even contain links to Donald Trump’s personal Twitter account.

I resent that my tax dollars are paying for dissemination of lies and political communications. Trump can send out all the propaganda he wants on his own dime to people who want to read it. But this came to me without my permission and using government funds.

There ought to be a law against this. Actually, there is. But as usual the grifter-in-chief is ignoring laws, the enforcers keep losing their jobs, and everyone else is too busy following red herrings and researching his other crimes to pay attention.

Here’s my solution. Come November, vote the crook out of office. Let’s put honesty and integrity back in the White House and stop this shameful abuse of the office of president.


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