I’m a native to the Monadnock Region, but have just started college and so I have been out of the area for a while. Recently I came home to visit and saw something really sad: the sheer volume of litter, especially plastic litter, in Keene.

This is a serious problem globally, and unfortunately, our community joins many others around the world in making it worse.

Keene is a community that lives in a watershed; all of our brooks, streams and storm drains ultimately drain into one source. Eventually, all of the water in the Ashuelot River valley will drain into the Ashuelot River, which flows into the Connecticut River and eventually into Long Island Sound.

Because of this, much of the litter that people carelessly throw away into any one of the streams and brooks in Keene or the surrounding towns ends up being swept downstream until it eventually gets taken out to sea. That is how a plastic water bottle thrown away carelessly in Keene will contribute to the rapidly growing global issue of plastic pollution in our oceans and waterways.

When I was a student at Keene High, I participated in both the Ashuelot River and the Beaver Brook litter cleanups, and was dismayed to see the sheer volume of litter we took out of the waterways. As good as it is that we live in a community that is willing to wade through rivers to clean up garbage, it would be better if there were no litter problem to begin with.

Pollution, especially plastic pollution, is a pressing issue that the world is facing right now, and our community needs to do our part by not littering our garbage.


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