Here we are, April of 2021, living in a world more and more surreal every day since over a year ago.

It seems whatever we’re told — if loud and long enough and whether making any sense at all — easily becomes the rule of law and the zeitgeist of our times.

When people have been so confused as to actually accept as reasonable that walking into or out of a restaurant without a mask is dangerous, but sitting down and eating and drinking, talking, laughing, etc., isn’t? Well then, there isn’t much more to be said.

We have forfeited our common sense and normal reasoning abilities for the protection of the “trusted experts” to save us from all of our fears.

We have clearly lost our minds and, in that process have cheaply forfeited our freedoms — including but not limited to — breathing, social gathering, speech, worship, sports, performing arts, privacy, bodily sovereignty, education, work, travel and independent thinking.

This, all in response to a virus that has a worldwide recovery rate of nearly 100 percent.

Mutations of viruses don’t get more virulent, but weaken, by the way, so stop testing the water around Keene State College (but don’t believe me, I am NOT a “trusted expert.”)

Vaccines are killing people. Hey! Don’t believe me? Just start reading the obituaries every day. Strange. Hmm … “65-year-old man dies unexpectedly in his home, cause unknown.” “40-year-old woman dies unexpectedly, cause unknown” … Those sad stories will increase and increase and increase. But … the “trusted experts” will continue to tell us there is “no connection.”

My latest tips for those being intimidated by the beat that’s going on? If someone asks you whether you’ve had your shots or not, ask, “When did you have your last bowel movement?” MYOB!

For those with ears to hear, life triumphant exists when marching to a different drummer; join the band.

To thine own self be true and in so doing, don’t be beaten by the “beat that goes on.”

PS: Anyone remember the Asian flu of 1957-58? 1-4 million dead worldwide. Over in three months. Look it up. Any of you remember it; have even heard of it?


And the beat goes on.