Feb. 11 is fast approaching and with it the primaries. So very important for our nation, our planet, that we get it right because we got it so very wrong three years ago.

The current occupant of our White House has decimated so many things it is hard to keep track of all the lying, cheating, stealing (emoluments?) that has been going on. Terrible.

One candidate shines through for some of us though because his message has been clear from the outset: Impeach the current occupant and global climate change must be addressed. Tom Steyer is that candidate.

As far as the impeachment farce, there is no honor among thieves as long as the Republican-controlled Senate considers themselves first. Forget the future.

Tom Steyer is the environmental candidate. It is clear why the environmental challenges are not at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts. It’s regional.

Katrina displaced a million people ... in New Hampshire, we’re OK. Or Hurricane Sandy ... raining in Georgia and Nova Scotia and taking out a couple of thousand power poles on Long Island ... but we’re fine. In 2017, over 700 tornadoes in the month of April alone. How are the lowest pressures or the largest typhoons in Asia affecting us? Houston gets 4 feet of rain in a little over 24 hours ... but not here. Or Maria ... 50,000 homes destroyed; around these parts? We’re good. So the fires of Australia ... we don’t smell anything. Newfoundland last week? Seven feet of snow in parts! Glaciers melting? There’s none around here. They are the water spigot for food development for a third of the world.

Folks, we have different religions, different cultures, different nationalities, yet we have the air we breath, the water we drink, the future we make ... in common.

The current occupant has no regard for you or your children’s future — none. Tom Steyer says term limits would fix a lot of the issues facing our country. I agree and I hope that you will consider him in just a couple of weeks. He can’t fix it alone.


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