April showers, flowers, forsythias, tulips, crocuses, birds singing. Spring is here. Do you know what else April is? Donate Life Month. That can mean saving someone’s sight, skin transplant for a burn victim, donating a kidney (you can be a live donor), the list goes on.

How do I do this, you ask? When you renew your license there is a box to check that you want to be a life-saving donor and, yes, you can change your mind.

Many donations can come from a live donor, such as bone marrow or donating blood. I’m not up on the newest developments, but a little searching on your computer will give you the newest ones.

Please, consider it, talk with family, your doctor, they will help you decide. I’ve been a donor for years, quite surprising I needed and received a donated heart 20 years ago! Never thought I’d be in the situation of needing a transplant of any kind, but we never know.

Enjoy the beautiful signs of spring in New Hampshire and think about how you can help someone else.