I would like to know who is your editor? I could not find the position listed on your masthead. Also, who writes your editorials?

Your June 10 “Testing, testing” editorial prompted this question. I do not disagree with it; I’m just curious.

Also, do you do any fact checking on articles you run or letters you publish — specifically, the May 30/31 letter “Vaccines will not be our saviors,” submitted by John-Michael Dumais? Rarely do I see sources cited for the myriad facts I read on your pages.

Thank you for the beautiful photographs. They take me where I cannot go.

A shout out of appreciation to Ditteke Everdeen-Gorman for her Mindfulness column in Wednesday’s edition. It is a balm to my soul in this stressful time.

Yours truly,


P.O. Box 324


(Editor’s note: As is listed in our masthead, Managing Editor-News Operations Bill Bilodeau oversees opinion and reader opinion. Editorials are the product of our editorial board and written by multiple members of that board. For news stories, our reporting staff and editors fact check the news we write. If we err, we strive to correct it as soon as possible. More leeway is given to letter writers, who are responsible for the facts they offer, although if we see an egregious falsity, we will flag it and contact the writer. A note on citations: Just because someone cites where their information came from, doesn’t mean that information is true. Many writers cite other works of opinion or articles that have been discredited. The fact that something was published does not make it accurate.)