I will be enthusiastically voting for Emmett Soldati in the Democratic primary on Sept. 8 for District 2 executive councilor.

Before I tell you why I am so excited to vote for Emmett, a word about the executive council.

We are the only state with this particular body. This five-member council advises on statewide plans, approves judgeships, state agency appointments, and all contracts above $10,000. It is an important, but poorly understood, body that has an enormous impact on the how our money is spent and who is running our government.

Now back to Emmett:

Emmett grew up and currently lives in Somersworth, a small, property-poor town on the Seacoast whose concerns are often deemed unimportant by the decision-makers in Concord. After moving away for college, he returned home and, over the last nine years, has devoted himself to his community by making his cafe an inclusive space for everyone. There is no question that the designation of his hometown of Somersworth as the “Rainbow City” is due in no small part to Emmett’s tireless work.

Emmett leads with his humanity. He is the most inclusive and progressive of the candidates running and has a deep commitment to community and to making sure that all New Hampshire citizens have a seat at the table and a voice in our government. He brings passion and a highly collaborative nature to all that he takes on.

Emmett is also courageous and willing to speak truth to power. His recent suit against Facebook is just one example of his ability to challenge the idea of “might makes right,” by representing himself against the sixth largest company in the world. And winning. Yep — winning.

But matching his humanity and courage are Emmett’s smarts and willingness to sweat the details. Emmett has thought long and hard about our state’s strengths and our challenges. He does his homework. In a recent forum for Executive Council candidates he consistently offered the most nuanced answers to questions regarding issues facing our state, and how he would address them as an executive councilor.

I am confident that Emmett will make a great executive councilor. If you are inspired by the next generation leadership that is shining so brightly these days, I invite you to check him out and vote for him in the Tuesday, Sept. 8, New Hampshire primary.

Please see www.EmmettSoldati.com for more information.


22 Middle St., Keene