There is a tremendous amount of fear in our nation at this time. Unfortunately, fear often leads to hate.

I am one of those who, due to my personal health history and experiences, does not feel comfortable taking the COVID vaccine. In order to protect myself and my family, I am extremely serious about using supplements, diet and lifestyle to keep my immune system in top form.

To read the paper today is extremely distressing. Biden hopes to mandate universal vaccination via OSHA, making it impossible for people like me to work. As an excuse for this discrimination, the rhetoric goes, “Well, all they have to do is get the shot.”

This reminds me of the way our country has treated other minorities in the past. Since I am gay, I think of the ex-gay movement’s message, “We will welcome you if you change.”

I posit that our nation has always been one of diversity, and diversity has been a source of our strength. Just as there is more than one way to pray, there is more than one way to maintain one’s health.




(Note: President Biden’s proposed mandate would not force workers to be vaccinated; it would require them to be tested for COVID, which they could avoid if they are vaccinated.)