People here in the states were scoffing about Canadians getting health care under Canada’s “socialist” health care system with six-month waits to see doctors.

I am in a six-month wait to see my specialist in Boston while dealing with the pain in the meantime. He had told me if I had an issue he would see me; I did not expect to have to wait half a year.

Our health care system needs fixing here in the United States. Someone said to me to go see someone else. Well, when you have had the best, why would you settle for less? I have a philosophy of not having a transmission mechanic working on your engine; when you want quality for specifics that is the goal.

Other doctors have told me try this try that, but the last one said you need to see the doctor in Boston. For a more local and different specialist I have a three-month wait to see her.

How do we handle the lack of enough providers for our needs? Even a doctor known to you is beyond help when you cannot break through the secretarial desk because there is nothing available for appointments.

Whether Canada or here, what is the difference when you can not be seen? Except, we are geared for corporate profits here and not for satisfying health services. I wonder if it would matter if we had Medicare For All instead of a money-accumulating system?

If one has to wait 182 days to be seen, what difference is it here in the USA or if we were under a system like Canada’s health care practice?