There are many reasons we are supporting Elizabeth Warren in this election. She has what we see as a unique capacity to think deeply about the complex, embedded problems facing our nation, to develop nuanced and strategic plans for addressing them, and the courage to not shy away from the type of significant and structural change we need to be true to our values. She believes passionately in fairness, and is fiercely committed to addressing the concerns and needs of all Americans, not just those with deep pockets.

We believe this election is the most consequential in our lifetimes — and we have never been prouder to be behind a candidate running on ideas, progressive values, and a vision of ensuring that everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and has a fair shot at building a better life.

In our work here in Keene, and across the region and state, we’ve seen that Granite Staters are all looking for the same thing — a chance to get ahead, a chance to live the American dream. But the Trump administration has worked to make this dream out of reach for too many of our families — and is ripping it away from immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

Immigrants and working families have always been a source of American strength. But Trump doesn’t see it that way. His administration has enacted cruel policies that don’t reflect our values. We should not be locking up families looking for a better life and making it even harder for these immigrant families to get ahead. We need to build an America that is welcoming to, and supports all, of our families. Changing this is at the heart of why we’re supporting Elizabeth Warren to be our next president — because she not only sees these problems, she has real, comprehensive, intersectional solutions to address them.

We want someone who knows how to get big things done for those who have been left behind, and that’s exactly what Elizabeth has done. Look at her record, and you know who she is fighting for. She’s dreaming big and fighting hard, and will build a fairer government that works for everyone.

This month, Granite Staters have the opportunity to show the country that we win by running on our values, by rising to this moment in history and by standing up for what is right. We win with the big, structural solutions Elizabeth has proposed.


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