The astonishing praise of a needle exchange program for addicts by the local paper in Keene is curious. Perhaps The Sentinel is unaware of the tent slums and rusted campers lining feces-covered sidewalks in San Francisco, Seattle and Portland, Ore.

The third-world decay of these modern metropolises began with the same touchy-feely “woke” mindset The Sentinel is apparently courting in Keene. Once the word gets out that Keene is “drug friendly,” the Randy Quaids of the world will fire up their dilapidated Winnebagos and beat a path to its doorstep.

Marijuana legalization is just around the corner and The Sentinel may be hedging its bets for a new readership of millennial weed whackers completely on board with a borderless country. In a bizarre, modern U.S. society where education is essentially indoctrinated stoogery, The Sentinel struggles to survive and it may be anticipating Keene becoming a sanctuary city that will still need a newspaper.

When a publication as old and rich in history as The Keene Sentinel lurches out of the mainstream into the ditch of leftist social engineering, even in the face of mountains of evidence that it does more harm than good, it is probably a calculated effort to preserve is bottom line as online social media pushes it to the boneyard of the information age.

The Sentinel’s position that AIDS and hepatitis will be prevented by clean needles makes no more sense than stretching condoms over cucumbers to prevent unplanned pregnancies. Maybe The Sentinel believes that if drive-by shooters are provided with more accurate guns, fewer bystanders will be hit.

Does the editorial staff at The Sentinel believe the infectious microorganisms that thrive in the rat holes of the world are just going to bow to the magnificence of the New World Order that is marching unvaccinated populations into U.S. population centers with no defense against them? It pens no editorials defending national sovereignty.

AIDS and hepatitis pale in comparison to the re-emergence of smallpox, typhus, measles, mumps, pertussis (whooping cough), tuberculosis, polio and plague that are likely streaming into American communities and as the approaching hordes are a global phenomenon, Ebola is not off the table.

Does The Sentinel not understand that ideological servitude and local political pandering are rolling out a red carpet for an ill wind that blows no good? The Sentinel makes a big mistake by supporting this cockeyed idea.


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