The Sentinel is utterly failing in its charter as a member of the Fourth Estate to place a check on government and corporate overreach. Its latest ploy is to append advisory notes, much like Facebook does, to letters contradicting the official “safe and effective” vaccine narrative.

A modicum of journalistic effort would reveal The Sentinel’s claim that VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) is “open to abuse” is a ludicrous straw-man argument. This is because the CDC routinely follows up with each claim, often multiple times, to determine its validity. Given this, and that reporting falsely to VAERS is a felony, the probability of “made-up reports” is close to zero.

Please watch this video of Deborah Conrad, a New York hospital physician’s assistant who reported multiple COVID-19 vaccine injuries to VAERS: Her testimony not only provides insight into the CDC’s vetting process but bolsters the claim that as little as 1 percent of adverse events ever gets reported (Harvard study: In fact, Conrad’s hospital warned her to stop reporting. Then it fired her.

Likewise, it would take little journalistic effort to discover more about the risk of blood clots; for J&J vaccines, MedPage Today reported “women in general having a 5.1-fold higher risk after vaccination” ( shows 14,670 reports of blood clots related to COVID-19 vaccines. Post-vaccination D-dimer tests performed by Dr. Charles Hoffe of Alberta showed 900 of his patients had blood clots ( The CDC admits the vaccines can lead to heart problems among the young ( And why is there no investigation into the more than 27,000 of our fellow Americans permanently disabled by the vaccine?

Recently 11 physicians — many vaccine-injured themselves — came forward with testimony of serious COVID-19 vaccine injuries and deaths ( Much of the official response was, “It’s all in your head.” Really.

Regarding deaths: VAERS shows 13 percent occur within 24 hours of vaccination, 19 percent within 48 hours and 33 percent when symptoms begin within 48 hours. Not conclusive? Perhaps, but the CDC isn’t even investigating. In a striking departure from all other new drug introductions, it has no data safety monitoring board and no autopsy commission for the COVID vaccines. Sentinel reporting on this: zilch.

Truth is not a singular narrative. It only proceeds by thesis and antithesis, by rigorous debate of diverse perspectives. And informed consent requires FULL disclosure of both risks and benefits.

The Sentinel seriously needs to step up.



(Note: On the charge that The Sentinel has done zero reporting on the CDC’s investigations into VAERS data, we plead guilty. A community news organization, we have done no more reporting on that issue than we have on most other circumscribed national health issues. Deborah Conrad was fired, like many health-care workers, for refusing her hospital’s vaccine mandate, not, as the writer implies, because she was a heroic whistleblower. That vaccinated women have a “5.1-fold higher risk” of blood clots sounds far more significant than the context that the increase means 13 women in 100,000 developed clots and that the study found that 5.1-fold increase was compared to before the pandemic; blood clots are one of the effects of COVID. OpenVAERS is not a scientific website, and some of its flaws are discussed at And at