Thank you to all state representatives and senators who recently voted to abolish the death penalty in New Hampshire. Please stand strong to override Gov. Sununu’s veto.

As a victim’s family member, I’m offended by the “heinousness” argument often used by Kelly Ayotte and others to defend capital punishment. “Some murders are just so heinous …” This sets victims’ families apart in our pain as one death is judged more awful than another.

Anyone who loses a loved one to murder experiences their loss as the worst thing that could happen. Be it a young woman studying for final exams to graduate from nursing school, a police officer, or a mother asleep in the sanctuary of her own home, the images that go through family members’ minds are horrifying. Nine years later, I’m still tormented about what my daughter thought and felt as she realized she was about to die.

To my family’s relief, hers was not classified as a capital murder case. Another killing would have further traumatized us, and wouldn’t bring our daughter/sister back. We don’t need the state to offer revenge on our behalf. We need support to heal as best we can.

This year at least eight victims’ family members testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee. All but one spoke in favor of repeal. We have stated our many reasons — repeatedly. Gov. Sununu made his decision, but I urge elected representatives to hold steady. Vote for repeal. It’s the right thing for New Hampshire.


16 Mountain Road