For a true believer, no proof is necessary, for a doubter, no proof is possible. As the Senate decides whether to pickup the expected House Articles of Impeachment, we stand on a rare precipice, looking in opposite directions.

Will the Republicans continue to hold their collective noses, so they can’t smell the stench sweeping down from Pennsylvania Avenue, or will they begin to return, teary eyed, to their former, pre-Trumpian ideals, of truth, justice and the American way?

Modern sensibilities are no trick for this administration. Truth is only a word to describe what you want to believe; there are many sides to every issue and there’s more consequences of the unforeseen variety with every decision.

The Senate will have quite a backlog of work to do if it ever gets to start, deciding the depth of The Donald’s trickery. The House has been busy outside of the impeachment, passing myriad lofty bills, as is plain to see for anyone who looks.

It is, and has always been, the obstructionist Republican Senate that has been the problem. If they don’t do their duty and finger Trump as guilty, guilty, guilty, then they should be painted with the same brush as Trump. Throw them out!

The big problem lies with the unitary executive, who thinks he can get away with anything he desires. That means that if he survives the Senate, he will likely steamroll his way into a second term, and then, all bets are off, dare he think of more? Third term? Fourth? Maybe just a simple lifetime pass for his whole family.

Without more evidence of executive chicanery, and solid witnesses forthcoming, Mr. pants-on fire will march right into what he will surely call a mandate. His followers have got a big old batch of right wing Kool-Aid for we all to sip and I’d recommend taking a pass on that and trying Bernie’s or Elizabeth’s or Tulsi’s as inoculation against the orange haired, red-MAGA-hat-wearing horde.

So call your senator and demand that they vote for impeachment now, wait for the coup de grace, and in November, let’s throw them out!


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