New Year’s is here — time for predictions and resolutions.

What happened the last time we elected a president illegitimately? The election was followed by self-inflicted injury, 9/11. Then, the Patriot Act, which took away our freedoms and is still with us. Then, mainstream media propaganda manufactured consent for the Iraq War, which is still with us. Then, $6 trillion dollars was spent and millions died. Not to worry — Lockheed Martin and Halliburton stocks rose.

What could go wrong this time? We already have COVID-19, self-inflicted. Self-inflicted? While Toney Baloney says COVID-19 is a naturally occurring virus, I believe the scientists who say it was genetically engineered. However, I believe Toney when he says he only gave a small portion of the billions of taxpayer dollars at his disposal to help fund the Wuhan bio-war lab. Why would he lie?

I don’t believe the telescreens, They don’t have our best interest in mind; something about the primacy of corporate profitability. President-select Joe has already promoted Toney. I predict Slow Joe’s return to his basement. Then President Dirty Harrie will name some Hillbilly VP. Lastly, Congress and the Supreme Court will be dismissed (good news, as if they haven’t dismissed themselves already), but the bad news is Toney Baloney is named Caesar.

Resolutions: I resolve to protect my immune system, which has been inhibited by Toney’s stay-at-home recommendations. I will collect sunlight (vitamin D), exercise and fresh air, and supplement vitamin C and zinc, every day. I will be careful to eat good food and avoid wheat (gluten, glyphosate), sugar and chemicals. I will more occasionally supplement other minerals — magnesium, iodine, turmeric, iron and a multiple vitamin. I have no medical training.

I will encourage our justice system to investigate and prosecute the grand thieves, not the little people nor whistle-blowers. Did you know that there are more than 680,000 signers at asking to investigate the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for medical malpractice and crimes against humanity?

I will look to fight tyranny and relieve the oppressed and infirm. Live Free or Die! I’ll fight our imposed isolation by connecting more with others. I will support small businesses who are hurting due to Toney’s recommended lock-downs. I will continue to have faith, as it has served me well these last 20 years. And, I will pray that my predictions do not occur.


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