The article by Amanda Gokee (“The dismal heating season ahead: lower temperatures and higher prices,” Oct. 28) was rife with misleading statements about the science. The most misleading statement appeared on the front page, the “science is clear.” Some science is clear: The greenhouse gas, CO2, is increasing, and mostly due to human activities. All things being equal, increasing any greenhouse gas should work to increase the temperature of our atmosphere. But, for the known increase in CO2, the temperature effect cannot be calculated. That is the science.

When asked, as a professional meteorologist, whether I think the temperature will increase, I respond that I would give about 2-to-1 odds that it would increase over the next few decades. This is a reasonable response to the science of greenhouse gas effects on the outgoing radiation from the earth. But it also says that I would not be surprised if the atmosphere cooled, due to other effects!

These facts are easy to state but difficult to convert into action. Setting a “climate goal” assumes that we know much more science than we do. When the climateers, like Rep. Chretien, say “the science is clear; we need to act,” she shows that she knows neither the science, nor what action to take.

In contrast to Rep. Mann of Alstead, who is “82 so I don’t care about the future,” I am older than he is, but I do care about my next 50 years, and the science driving that future.

The fatal flaw in the push for “green energy” is simply that there is not enough space, even in New Hampshire, for the required “green” producers to put their windmills, solar panels, dams and reservoirs to replace a Seabrook. For example, it would take 4,000 windmills, 1/10 of a mile high atop our hills and mountains, or over 100 square miles of solar panels, or the flooding of a few big cities to replace one Seabrook. And what do we do when “the sun don’t shine and the wind don’t blow”?

The only sensible statements in the whole article were the last two paragraphs by Rep. Michael Vose, who fortunately was committee chairman.