Beware the New Hampshire Republicans, the “Free Staters” and our governor.

These folks now rule Concord, and they are hell-bent to gut support for New Hampshire public education.

Their opening move is House Bill 20 (HB20). This is a piece of legislation authorizing the New Hampshire Treasury to create and fund vouchers called “Education Freedom Accounts,” to be used to subsidize expenses incurred by a family for a child’s “private” K-12 education.

Simply put, HB20 proposes to cannibalize the tax money you and I have paid to support public K-12 education and divert it for private use — for example, for home- or religious schooling — or just about any other form of private schooling.

The cost of these accounts will not be not trivial; Qualifying parents may be eligible to receive payments of between $3,800 and $8,500 per child annually, with little or no accountability or public oversight. Recipients may even apply to use their vouchers for foreign travel!

I have no quarrel with New Hampshire parents who choose to give their children a private K-12 education. I just don’t want the state to foot the bill for their choice. That will only starve New Hampshire’s already-strained public school budget and push our property taxes further off the charts.

Reader, if you also are skeptical about adopting HB20, cowboy up and email or call your state representative(s) and senator before it’s too late!