I enthusiastically support Joe Schapiro to continue representing Keene in the N.H. House. A longtime mental health clinician, Joe’s career includes serving as director of Child and Adolescent Services at Monadnock Family Services. A thoughtful and compassionate leader, Joe is a co-founder of Keene Immigrant and Refugee Partnership, of which I am a member.

Continuing a lifetime of important contributions to society and to our region, two years ago he ran successfully for an at-large seat in the House. In his initial term, Joe already has strong accomplishments to build on. Thank goodness he was there to help finally pass the repeal of the death penalty, just barely overturning a gubernatorial veto.

He’s served on the Health and Human Services and the Elderly Affairs Committees, working to expand Medicaid and address substance abuse, among other important issues.

In short, he’s now got his feet firmly planted as a representative who cares and who really understands how to work with others to get things done. Let’s send him back for more good works in the House.

Be sure to vote on Sept. 8 in person, or before by absentee ballot.


20 Green Acres Road