I am glad to see that Bernie Sanders has recovered his vigor after his heart attack.

I agree with many of his positions. I don’t know why he runs as a Democrat. He is a Democrat only when it is convenient for him. Most of his career he has been an independent. After his last run he reestablished himself as such. After this run, if he is not elected, he will do it again.

For many voters this may be a plus. What a should be clear is that Bernie wants to be president, but has no desire to be the leader of the Democratic party.

We have all just witnessed what happens to a party when an outsider takes over. We will have yet another president with no accountability to Congress.

The other Democratic candidates have been very nice to him so far. If Bernie wins, you can bet that the word “socialism” will be in every sentence that comes from the Republican Party rhetoric, as it did in the State of the Union address.

There are many candidates that believe in the same issues that do not carry the same baggage. If the Democrats want to defeat our current president, they need to reflect long and hard on who can best accomplish that goal.

I would personally bet on a woman.


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