A glimpse into the character of President George H.W. Bush as a person was given to us by one of our Canadian customers at a dinner party years ago.

He related that he and friends had chartered a sailboat and were sailing down the southern coast of Maine. With the winds being favorable they had let out their spinnaker, which was in the shape of a large Canadian maple-leafed flag.

Not long after, someone spotted a cigarette boat rapidly approaching them. As it got closer they saw men on the boat in dark suits and sunglasses. They then began to wonder if they had strayed into restricted waters. The boat overtook them and spun around. They then saw President Bush point to the spinnaker, snap to attention and salute. With a wave from the president, the boat sped off.

Not a vote was to be gained nor a campaign contribution gleaned from this act — it was a sincere sign of respect to one of the USA’s staunchest allies. It can now pay a humble homage to his memory.


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