Following the tragic loss of her dog along Route 12A, Robin Picard admonished readers (“Sadness, tragedy on Route 21A,” May 6) to slow down and give others a safe space along such country roads.

Public roads aren’t private raceways, and the state sets speed limits for road conditions. Route 12A near Darling Road has no shoulders, and riders share the space with walkers, dog walkers, hikers, runners, bikers, young school kids and animals. To pass safely with enough space, the driver will have to brake, or even stop, if a collision is imminent. Recall from your driver education that, as the car’s speed increases, the distance to stop increases exponentially.

We can all be guilty of driving too fast. However, a little forethought will prevent another tragedy.

1. Leave with plenty of time to avoid the temptation to speed.

2. Studiously obey the speed limit.

3. Watch for other humans and animals sharing the road.

4. Slow down and give those individuals the same space that you would expect if you were the one on the road.

Let both man and beast live another day.


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