I am writing in response to the letter to the editor expressing disappointment in the use of the Rosie the Riveter symbol to encourage participation in the COVID vaccination program (“Rosie the Riveter a serious symbol,” by Stacey Earley, May 12). I would like to share a different perspective.

Rosie the Riveter was a symbol created when our country was at war. The symbol was designed to recognize the contribution of women on the home front, supporting the war effort, as well as encourage others to join in these efforts.

Our country, along with the rest of the world, has been at war against the deadly COVID virus for more than a year. More people have died from this virus than in World War II plus the Korean and Vietnam wars put together. We have front line workers putting themselves at risk every day. I think it’s very apropos to use the symbol of Rosie the Riveter to encourage everyone to do whatever they can to help control this pandemic. I applaud Dr. Khole for lending his image to the efforts.

I am a woman who has been in medicine for over 35 years, and I have always been a strong proponent for women’s rights. I feel that Rosie the Riveter is actually a poor symbol for women’s rights — women working in those factories in WWII had little support and poor pay.

Let’s keep her as symbol for those fighting to win a war.