It is with great pride that I wholeheartedly endorse Eli Rivera for re-election to the office of Cheshire County sheriff.

As a long time Keene city councilor, I have admired the way Eli has served Keene as a highly decorated police officer as well as a dedicated proficient prosecutor.

As a county sheriff he exemplifies true leadership. His outside-the-box thinking and initiating of proactive policies has made the Cheshire County Sheriff’s Department the envy of other state law enforcement agencies.

Eli is a true community-minded person who is always there to volunteer whenever needed. He did an outstanding job as chairman of Project Graduation, which is a great program allowing high school graduates to safely celebrate graduation in a fun alcohol-free venue.

My daughters were fortunate enough to have Eli as a church youth group mentor. Eli spearheaded a youth trip to refurbish hurricane damaged homes in Puerto Rico. I know my daughters are better caring citizens because of the way Eli taught by example.

These are just a few examples of community services performed by Eli as he also partakes in many community activities and civic organizations.

Along with his impressive police and public safety background, Eli brings his leadership qualities, his business acumen and his heartfelt enthusiasm. He truly is the best person to serve as our Cheshire County sheriff.


40A Stonehouse Lane


(This writer represents Ward 5 on the Keene City Council.)