The prospect of $3.5 trillion cut to $1.5 or $1.9 trillion in Washington, D.C., is not acceptable. The money is not for social welfare programs. Prescription drug prices are not negotiated by government; corporate determines prices while receiving government monies for research and development. Drugs are held in upper tier, making more money.

Without financial organizations helping pay our expenses, we keep paying and working in order to afford to live in the United States of America. Prescriptions are not filled due to their high cost. In the past year I paid $5,000 for dental work and in the past few months paid several hundred dollars; now I’m paying $2,750 for eye care.

Retirees should be able to work and travel, buy a new car or delve in hobbies to fulfill their lives. Working to keep teeth and eyes in proper form is how our country operates. Friends cannot afford the dentist and lose their teeth. Others struggle with over-the-counter eyeglasses because the eye doctor is too expensive. How many forgo hearing aids with their high cost?

Forgoing dental, eye and hearing care is inexcusable. Affordable health care for seniors living on Social Security should not be optional. If paid a living wage through our working lives, we would not be subjected to living on inadequate Social Security. A living wage would not be a wage that allowed workers to save money they need for retirement.

It is a fallacy to tell people who are not earning enough money to save their money when they need that money to live upon during their working years. We’re not earning enough money yet are told to have the money to take care of dental, eye and hearing, as well as prescription and supplemental health insurance coverage in retirement.

Where are our elected political voices, here in New Hampshire, across the country and in Washington, D.C., on these issues? Why are they not standing strongly with us in having the law and money to take care of common-decency issues? We are not welfare cases; we are the former full-time employees who now get by or work in order to have the “necessary” dental, eye and hearing coverage and prescriptions.



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