Presenting, your president of the United States of America, Donald Trump.

In just two weeks, president Trump announced that Democrats are “crazy”; they “hate our Country”; and they “want to destroy America.”

Trump called the speaker of the House “a third-grade politician” to her face, described his Republican critics as “human scum,” said his defense secretary, Marine Gen. James Mattis, was “the world’s most overrated general,” and that it was he, Trump, who “captured ISIS in a month.”

Trump then argued that the Kurdish people in northern Syria “are no angels” as he abandoned them to the Turkish invasion and fears of genocide.

After that, he accused Vice President Biden of “raping and pillaging the nation,” and he has said the American free press is an “enemy of the people.” He also said science is a “liberal hoax.”

Finally, he boasted at a Cabinet meeting: “ISIS was all over the place. It was me who captured them. I’m the one who did the capturing.”

This is YOUR blatantly lying buffoon of a president, Republicans. Own him.

I’m talking to you, Gov. Chris Sununu.

I’m talking to you, George Hansel, Republican councilor and next mayor of Keene.

I’m talking to you, Marilyn Huston, chair of the Cheshire County Republicans.

I’m talking to you, John Therriault, treasurer of the Cheshire County Republicans.

I’m talking to you, Jane Lane, secretary of the Cheshire County Republicans.

How much longer are you willing to look down at your shoes and give Trump a pass? When are you going to stand up to Trump and say, to quote the attorney for the U.S. Army Joseph Welch, when he confronted Sen. Joseph McCarthy: “Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you no shame?”


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