Housing is offered to college students in Keene and often these apartments are nicer than what year-round residents have, and I wonder how these college students can afford such living while going to school, only working a part time job; perhaps their parents pick up their tab.

Students have the option to live on campus, in a college dorm, as my children did while attending Franklin Pierce University, Plymouth State, as well as attending Kent State in Ohio, and living on campus in dorms never affected one of them graduating or obtaining their degrees.

People who work full-time jobs often have difficulty finding affordable apartments, even before the pandemic but lately, have you seen the rental amounts for a mere one-bedroom? Absurd!

It seems not everyone who helps themselves get what they deserve in life, but those who kept working all this time during the epidemic are now seeing rents go up as high $1,000 to $2,000 a month, some higher; and that doesn’t include utilities.

Since the pandemic, Biden has handed out money to stop evictions, as some people lost their jobs, while others chose to quit. But when and how did these rents get so ridiculously high?

The government has handed out an enormous amount of money this past year and some people chose to quit their jobs as their unemployment offered and received was often more than they were bringing home on the job. And it appeared the more Biden’s administration gave, the more people seemed to need — or maybe it was want.

Some people had no choice in losing their jobs, as their employers were forced to go out of business, yet this did not include everyone. Many people do only what is expected of them.

Early in life, enabling your children often produces weak, immature, irresponsible children as Biden’s administration has enabled adults, creating the same.