The N.H. Republican Party has been taken over by extremists, notably Free Staters, in coalition with several other groups. They usually run as Republicans and do not disclose their other affiliations to voters.

Free Staters have targeted New Hampshire as a state to move to, working their agenda to severely limit government and undermine public education and governmental structures that maintain public health, address environmental issues and climate change, and provide basic supports for the community. They would leave individuals to fend for themselves.

They have allied with extreme right wing groups in a dangerous combination to limit governmental safeguards and services, while increasing controls to attack diversity, anti-racism, woman’s choice, and non-Christian religions.

They champion free speech for themselves, but not for others.

They champion free choice for themselves, but not for others.

Just some of the laws Republicans have passed:

Vouchers funding millions to private schools (including religious) with no oversight or accountability, draining money from our public schools.

A so-called “anti-discrimination” bill to derail factual education about racism and stifle discussions about race, gender, disability and discrimination. Its vague language creates a threatening atmosphere for public school teachers, encouraging reporting by anyone who feels uncomfortable.

They opposed mask mandates (my body, my choice), but are against choice when it’s about women and abortion.

They are against commonsense gun laws. They have expanded access to guns, but not to voting. HB 1177, currently on Gov. Sununu’s desk, declares the state’s rebellion against federal gun control that differs from state laws.

Gov. Sununu talks a good game, but he has basically supported and enabled them.

Learn whom you’re voting for and precisely what they stand for!