Anyone who reads editorials and letters to the editor expecting a full reporting of facts, or even a reasonably deep discussion of an issue, is missing the point of these columns. The writings here are personal and editorial opinion.

Four hundred words is a short introduction to many of the subjects of these pages. If someone wants a full review of facts, read the reporting. Better yet, go to the documents the stories are based on and read for yourself.

That said, in the interest of improving our communal knowledge, I offer the following:

There is article after article of real reporting documenting the infection rates of illegal immigrants (usually called migrants in the articles). This is just one:

It states in one case officials said 40 percent of illegals tested in Laredo test positive for COVID. In another city the rate was 15 percent.

Here is the largest study to date I know of that is peer reviewed investigating the effectiveness of masks in general use. Conclusion: masks are insignificant in reducing the rate of infection in general use.

That I know of this is the most extensive, yet not yet peer reviewed study on natural immunity vs vaccination: In short, people who have been infected have demonstrated better immunity than vaccinations so far.

This does not imply unvaccinated is better than vaccinated. Vaccination of people who have not had COVID (with our approved vaccines) in the adult population is proving itself worldwide.




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