I’m watching the impeachment proceedings. Doesn’t it make you wonder, with all the things the Republican representatives admitted that Donald J. Trump has done that are wrong — they make excuses for the subversive things, things he has been attached to — that these Republican representatives still “stick up” for Donald and don’t want to impeach him!

Doesn’t it make the public wonder how deep these Republican representatives are connected to Trump’s dealings and subversive activities and what these reps have to lose? (Just hear the desperation in their voices as they try to justify his policies!)

Read David Cay Johnston’s book “The Making of Donald J. Trump.” Mr. Johnston is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and professor of law at Syracuse University in New York. The book tells of Donald J.’s connections and dealings before his presidency. Read this book before you cast your vote in the coming presidential election.

The public is powerful; use your votes wisely.

This book will certainly enlighten the public to who and what we have been and are putting into office, and who is running the United States of America.


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