I wish to offer a brief response to Mr. DeLalla’s opposition to my last letter on prioritizing our rights (“What about abortion?,” Eugene DeLalla, May 8).

The main argument made by gun advocates is their right to bear arms. This stems from a Supreme Court decision interpreting the Second Amendment. That decision was made by five of the judges in favor, while four of them voted against the decision to extend the right to bear arms for protection.

I favor a right based on the Declaration of Independence, signed by 56 members of the Continental Congress, stating we are all endowed with “certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Obviously, those rights endowed on innocent children and civilians are violated by surprise attacks from killers armed with weapons obtained under a right to obtain weapons for their self-protection, according the Supreme Court judges. Ironically, weapons used in mass shootings are not the kind usually used for self-protection, unless you are at war.

If the rights of innocent victims are in conflict with the rights of others, those rights need to be ranked or prioritized according to their worth for society. I favor the unalienable rights.

If Mr. DeLalla wants to know what I think on the abortion issue, he should see my letter of Feb. 15.


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