There is a reason that Donald Trump was elected president. The Republicans united around him and got out their vote. The Democrats did not unite around Hillary Clinton. She was not an attractive candidate for many Democrats. Her message did not resonate.

There is a danger of President Trump being re-elected because too many Democrats are political dabblers. Show them a whole array of attractive candidates and they will find it hard to rally around just one.

Bernie Sanders is leading the pack of progressive candidates. He established his bona fides the last time around and has gained strength this time because more Americans are ready for a complete overhaul of policies which will favor the needs and wants of the majority of U.S. citizens, rather than the needs and wants of wealthy corporations and individuals.

Sanders has been steadfast and forthright about his vision of how to better life for us, the people, for his entire political life. But if we indulge our attraction for one of these newcomers, we show the opposition that we are not serious about real change. It says that we are willing to take a chance on an unproven candidate; that we care more about personalities than policies.

Our best chance to deny Donald Trump a second term and bring real progressive change to this country is to build on the support Bernie earned the last time around by his strength of purpose, his dedication to us and the value of his platform.

We cannot afford to be distracted by these new faces. We, In New Hampshire, have a unique opportunity to lead the way toward electing a Democrat in November. We must truly be united around Bernie Sanders in this all important primary.

If everybody is just one of the pack, the chances are good that we will have another four years of President Trump, not because his performance merits it but because his party plays politics more strategically than the Democrats.


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