We believe that it is a bad idea to open schools this fall. Not only are school personnel put in danger but the families and extended families of all the children are put at risk.

After being so careful to maintain a quarantine for several months and only venturing out when necessary and while wearing masks, we do not know if the families of all the children have done the same. Though the school might do its utter best to keep children separated and socially distanced, it is unimaginable to us, as former teachers, that it can be done.

We are the after-school caretakers of our 7-year-old grandson. We have compromising health conditions and we can guess that many children have grandparents in the same boat. If we must give up being after-school caretakers, who will his parents trust enough to take our place except themselves? And if they and many others give up their jobs to do it, the economy will continue to suffer.

Something has to give and it should not be ending the quarantine. Of course it would be wonderful for the kids, for the economy, and for the world to get back to normal life, but normal is out of reach until a vaccine can be found. If our leaders choose getting back to normal before normal is possible we predict many lives will be lost by indirect contacts with infected people.


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